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2014 Color Of The Year….

Radiant Orchid (Or all shades of purple)! 









Purple and its many shades are some of the most beautiful colors that work well with every skin tone. Mix this color in your clothing, accessories and makeup. Plus, it’s a great palate to include in your home decor.



































Home Decor


















Radiant Orchid is definitely the new black!

Ordinary To Extraordinary!

My family and I moved into our house almost three years ago, and after completing most home projects, it was finally time to remodel the master bath. I have been thinking about this project for a long time; and the goal was to make a small, narrow ordinary space into a dream bath….a modern hotel look.

For inspiration, I searched small bathrooms on Pinterest; and fell in love with these white bathrooms.










Master Bath Before Photos:









Master Bath After:























With the help of my wonderful contractor, we had the materials and bath completed in two weeks. My favorite pieces include: ceramic flooring (wood feel), Kensington Oval Mirrors and Mercer Sconces (PotteryBarn) and rain shower head with frameless shower door. Most of the accessories were purchased from HomeGoods, Ikea and Macy’s.

The master bathroom finally has a modern hotel design; and the dominant white color enables the bathroom to feel larger and the floors to pop. And to complete the flow of color from the master bedroom (purple walls), I added purple accents to the bath. Plus, purple is the color of 2014.

If you are in the Cincinnati area, I highly recommend my contractor, Barry Engel ( He’s extremely professional, trustworthy and an all-round nice guy!

Happy Remodeling!

Closet Makeover!

Home makeovers are fun! Especially, when ideas from Pinterest become reality.

“My Inspiration”…from











I hated my “blah” foyer closet and I wanted to transform it into a decorative showpiece with useful storage space.











With the help of my very handy father-in-law and husband, the foyer closet started to take shape.











Finally, after all the designing, painting, wood-cutting and decorating……our “blah” foyer closet became a “wow” foyer closet.





















Total Cost for paint, wood, pillows, cushions and hardware…..$800 (not including labor).

Happy Decorating!


Easy Holiday Decor

Once again, I was on Pinterest; and found an easy-to-create holiday centerpiece or a stand-alone decoration.

Here’s the recipe for an easy holiday decoration:

-1 black lantern (Ikea, Lowe’s, etc)

-Extra ornaments (I purchased mine from Target)

-Holiday ribbon (Target dollar bin)

The new holiday decor looks great and the lanterns can be used all year long!

Happy Holiday Decorating!

Party Planning…..Bridal Showers!

For a few years, I have been secreting planning a bridal shower for one my dearest friends. So when she announced her engagement last Fall, I went into full bridal shower  planning mode.

Finally, July 1st arrived; and I had the privilege of hosting a beautiful shower for a beautiful bride-to-be.

The Place-settings & Menu Cards (


Party Games: Shower Libs ( & Bridal Bingo (



Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cake (The bride’s favorite) – A Pinterest Design

A Naughty Gift:


The shower was perfect; and a good time had by all!

Happy Party Planning!


Create Your Own Outdoor Getaway!

It’s so simple and low-cost to create your very own getaway. We have a very nice deck that needed sprucing up with color; and it did not take me long to find the perfect accessories for a tranquil outdoor space.

Sam’s – Red Umbrella $100

Walmart – Green Seat Cushions $28 each

Lowe’s – Rainbow Seat Cushions $12 each

Ikea – Black Lanterns $7.99-$14.99

Crate & Barrel – Citronella Pillar Candles $8.95 each


Enjoy the Summer!



What A Difference!….Paint & Accessories 2

My husband and I are in love with the curb appeal of our Georgian-style two-story home. However, the front entry was drab and needed a little TLC.



First, the color of the front door had to be changed. It needed a “wow” factor. We found the perfect color at Lowe’s (Hot Pepper) to match the red-orange in the brick. Then, the beautiful color made us realize the need for new door hardware; and brushed nickel was an excellent choice.

After the door was finished, there was no question, the entry lights needed to updated. Again, brushed nickel was the color choice; and this project was complete.



*Total Cost: Under $250 at Lowe’s.


Gardening With Glamour

I am now a gardening goddess or hoping to be. Large clay pots with a variety of sun-loving flowers were greatly needed on my front porch. And then I saw the most perfect display on Pinterest. (Can’t function without this site.)

So while at Lowe’s, I searched gorgeous amounts of flowers and greenery; and found what I needed to create my interpretation of this floral masterpiece. The result is nice, but it needs lots of sun, water, Miracle Grow and love to flourish.

Anyone can learn to garden with glamour, but it takes time and patience. I am determined to learn this art and make my home colorful and fragrant.

This mixture includes purple fountaingrass, sweet potato vines, Pseuderanthemum, Orthosiphon stomineus and Summer Snapdragon.

Gardening Tip: After watering, sprinkle baby powder around your flowers. This will keep animals from eating them!


This Room Needs Some Sexy!

I believe the master bedroom describes the personality of any person or couple living in a home. Are you or you and your partner fun, serious, boring, sexy, outdoorsy, athletic, etc? It’s going to show in your decor!

Also, it’s important to love the look and feel of this room because you spend a very large percentage of your life living in the master bedroom. This room should make you want to wake up every day feeling refreshed and ready to start the day. It should also make you feel comfortable and relaxed as you prepare for a long and hopefully restful sleep!

When my husband and I toured our soon-to-be new home, this was the master bedroom. It screamed Pottery Barn! Lovely large bulky furniture with a fresh clean look and neutral walls. Nice room, but not us!

Very soon after we moved into our home, the master bedroom was remodeled. My husband and I prefer classic elegance with a modern twist. We also wanted our room to have some sexy….we are eighteen years into our relationship and almost eight years married. We never want the spark to die!

We chose large black furniture, however, we decide to stay with a queen size bed. Previously, the room was overtaken by a king size bed; and I don’t mind being close. Then came choosing the bed ensemble. We decided upon a comforter, pillows and window treatments that remained in the neutral family of taupes and blacks. (Macy’s has the best selection.)

Since the bedding was neutral, the bedroom walls needed to be rich in color. I didn’t want crazy…but I did not want blah. After hours of looking at the color wheel, purple was the perfect choice. And while we were at Lowe’s buying paint, why not investigate their lamp selection? The most wonderful lamps were two aisles away…crystal bases and shades that matched the bedding!

The look came together within 48 hours.

We are so happy with the update; and this bedroom fits us just perfectly as a couple!

Happy Decorating!

Let’s Gut It!

As I mentioned in past posts, my family and I moved into our new house last summer. We immediately fell in love with the neighborhood and floor plan of the house. However, we knew taking on this new home meant super renovations; and thank goodness I love remodeling and updating homes. It’s one of my favorite creative outlets (however my husband just thinks I am really good at spending money).

After replacing all the carpeting on the stairs and complete second floor, the next project was the guest bathroom. The fixtures and decor were outdated. There was water damage on the walls and flooring by the shower. Also, inside the shower, the tile walls were bending. Yikes! Plus, the red walls were too dark. We knew the only way to do this bathroom right was to gut it…head to toe!

Immediately, we were on the hunt for a contractor. We used one that was highly recommend by our realtor and several other sources. Also, the contractor was extremely reasonable and trustworthy (I felt comfortable leaving my home when work was being done).

Then last September the fun started. I wanted a neutral bath to make the room look bigger and brighter. My husband and I spent hours at Lowe’s deciding upon tile, granite, fixtures, cabinets, lighting, mirror, toilet, tub, paint, etc. Finally, all the materials arrived at our home and the work began. Per code, a vent had to be installed; and it was decided to cut a wall in half to open up the entrance of the bathroom.


Three weeks later….it was done! With the help of a wonderful contractor, Lowe’s and Bed, Bath & Beyond, we now have a gorgeous guest bath.

Now we can’t wait to do the Master Bathroom & Kitchen….coming soon!

Happy Remodeling!