Beef Brisket for the Oven!

Brisket was a family favorite growing up. To this day, when I return to my hometown, I go to my favorite deli for a brisket on rye sandwich.

Having a craving, I searched for a simple oven brisket recipe and found this one! I used a 3 lb. brisket; and did not include the garlic salt. Also, for the first round of cooking, the brisket was only in the oven for 4 hours at 300º.

IMG_5037 IMG_5050

I made the rub as instructed (without garlic salt). Then rubbed on brisket. Then with fat-side up, I tightly folded the brisket in greased foil, placed in greased pan and slowed cooked on 300º for 4 hours.

IMG_5051 IMG_5053 IMG_5055 IMG_5056

I removed the brisket from the oven and removed the foil. I drained juice and collected 1 cup to mix with Worcestershire  sauce, Russian dressing, BBQ sauce and sugar. Then poured the new mixture over the brisket and cooked covered for 30 minutes at 300º.

IMG_5058 IMG_5059 IMG_5060 IMG_5061

Then cooked uncovered for 30 minutes at 325º. Remove from heat, slice and then serve.

IMG_5062 IMG_5063



Salmon On The Grill

I love cooking fish on the grill! This time instead of tilapia, cod or shrimp, we grilled Atlantic Salmon. And I created a marinade with ingredients already in my pantry/refrigerator.

Ingredients: 1lb. Fresh Atlantic Salmon.  Marinade: 1/2 cup Worcestershire Sauce, 2 tbsp. Dijon Mustard, 1/4 cup Brown Sugar (I also added parsley to give some color.)

Directions: Mix Marinade ingredients. Place salmon in air-tight container. Pour marinade over salmon, close container and refrigerate for a few hours.



Remove from container and place on greased foil. Double foil the salmon before putting it on the grill.


Place on grill (medium heat) for about 20-25 minutes or until salmon is pink and flakey.



Serve and Enjoy!

Grilled Bacon-Wrapped Green Beans

I am a believer that during the summer, most cooking should be prepared on the grill…..Especially vegetables. Not only does the food have a terrific flavor, there’s less kitchen cleanup.

Here’s a simple and delicious green bean recipe for the grill.

1. Wash and cut ends of fresh green beans.


2. Gather in bunches. Wrap each bunch with one slice of bacon and add salt/pepper. Then place on greased foil and wrap for the grill.

IMG_4782  IMG_4783

3. Place on grill for 15-20 on the indirect heat. Then remove from grill and eat!

IMG_4792 IMG_4832



Funfetti Cake Batter Pancakes

Today is Miss Modhousewife’s birthday; and her favorite food is pancakes. So what better way to wake up on your birthday morning……eating Funfetti Cake Batter Pancakes.


Ingredients: Plus add vanilla.


I would add another cup of milk to this recipe. If not, the batter will be very thick. Also, these are more dessert pancakes. These pancakes maybe too sweet to eat first thing in the morning, but they are delicious!



Krispy Kreme Dipped Ice Cream Sandwiches

What’s not to like….Krispy Kreme donut, ice cream and chocolate!

Caution: This dessert is extremely rich and it make take several sittings to eat just one.

Ingredients: Choose your favorite ice cream. My choices were vanilla bean and coffee chip.



1. Start by freezing the Krispy Kreme donuts. Then cut in half.

IMG_4563   IMG_4564

3. Then remove ice cream from freezer and cut the carton in sections. Remove wrapper and place ice cream on the bottom half of the Krispy Kreme. This is an easy way to set the ice cream in the sandwiches. Then place sandwiches in freezer.

IMG_4565   IMG_4566



4. Melt two bags of semi-sweet chocolate chips and two tablespoons of Crisco shortening. Dip half of sandwich into melted chocolate and refreeze.


5. Enjoy!


I could only finish half…..but it was so worth it!



“I Only Wore It Once……”

This week, Mr. Modhousewife and I are celebrating “my”…I mean “our” 10th year of marriage. To honor this achievement, on my Facebook page, I will post a funny picture, realization or advice about weddings/marriage. However, today I want to discuss the wedding dress. Did you know that Queen Victoria set the style to wear white? Before her 1840 wedding to Prince Albert, brides typically wore any color of their choosing, especially red or black.

479px-Queen_Victoria_Albert_1854 399px-Wed-dress-001

To me, the wedding dress is the most important piece of fashion any woman will wear. This dress gave you the brightest smile and possibly happy tears. You felt amazing and beautiful.  You associate this dress with one of the happiest days of your life. To this day, I still love my dress. I remember finding it in a bridal magazine; and knew right away it was “the one”. It was the first dress I tried on…..and fell in love. If I could redo that day, I would still keep the same groom (love you Nick) and dress (but this time a beach or Vegas wedding).

That’s why it’s sad to only wear it once. So maybe that should change! After watching a “Friends” episode (you know the one where Monica tries on Emma’s wedding dress. Then Rachel and Phoebe put on wedding dresses and their moods change from sad to happy instantly), I decided it would be fun to put on my wedding dress again with my besties and just chill.


These dresses were only worn once and needed to be removed from their confines to breathe and create new happy memories! (BTW…I have the best neighborhood friends!!!)

Watching a movie together!


Playing cards! 


Book Club!


Neighborhood Walk!


It’s true….your wedding dress is the best dress EVER! We felt like it was our wedding days again. We should probably do this more often since your dress was only worn once.

Happy Dress Up!

Mr. Modhousewife Makeover

That’s right….makeovers are not just for the ladies!

Last spring, Mr. Modhousewife saw a few pictures of himself and was not happy. Even though he worked out (weights/cardio) everyday, he was still unable to loose weight.


At the time, I had just lost 10 pounds using the MyFitnessPal app. I lowered my carb intake each day to now maintain my current weight. So, Mr. Modhouswife decided to use this application and lower his carbs and calories, plus add weights and long-distance running.

Ten months later, he has lost 35 lbs. and created a lifestyle of low carbs/calories plus exercise. His diet is about portion control since we eat exactly the same meals. And we have made this a family lifestyle too! (Bonus: He no longer snores at night!)

IMG_4028             IMG_4111

So, now that he lost all the weight, I took him shopping for some summer outfits. Here’s three classic looks for our Florida trip (Gap and Polo). He also had to buy a whole new work wardrobe, but it’s not as fun as casual wear.

IMG_4116   IMG_4118  IMG_4115

Three pictures is about all Mr. Modhousewife’s modeling career could handle. I am very proud of him and he looks amazing!





Save the Ta-Tas!

I am a big believer in the monthly self breast exam. It’s an easy way to detect breast cancer in its earliest stages. Also, it’s important to have your breasts examined at your annual OBGYN appointment; and never skip a mammogram.


A few weeks ago, I was in shower and noticed that my armpit was sore and I felt a very large lump. I called my OBGYN immediately and scheduled an appointment the next day. I assumed it was an ingrown hair but I was still worried. The lump had not been there a few months prior during my annual OBGYN appointment; and I had not felt it last month during my self breast exam.

At the appointment, my doctor gave me a breast exam and felt the inside of my armpit. To my relief, I passed my breast exam with flying colors. It was just an isolated infected lymph node (no lymph path to my breasts) and she gave me an antibiotic to take for seven days. I was probably still a carrier of the norovirus which I had a month prior. The doctor did mention if the lump were not to go away with the antibiotic that an ultra sound would be performed. Thankfully there was no need.

As we age, it’s vital for women to be award of our bodies and any changes. Take the time to do a monthly self breast exam and schedule any doctors’ appointments. Don’t fool around with your health….you are too special!

Cadbury Mini Egg Blondies

As promised, here is the next Cadbury Mini Egg recipe…..Blondies! Again, the mini eggs turn a simple and classic recipe upside down. These blondies are insane and extremely rich; milk is the perfect beverage pairing.





Cooking notes:

1. Make sure to sift your flour, salt and baking soda. You do not want lumps in the flour mixture.


2. If the recipe calls for butter, I always use Crisco Butter. I think it makes the cake or cookie more moist.


3. Bake for about 35 minutes. My recipe tastes like a warm and tad under-done cookie. So good!


My Two Favorite “F” Words!

Fashion & Food are my two favorite “F” words. And if I can combine them, the possibilities are endless.

This spring/summer, I guarantee you will be invited to several outings that require you to not only bring a dish but also look fantastic in this season’s hottest fashion trends. So, I teamed up again with my favorite new virtual shop, Honey & Vine, to show you the perfect outfit to wear and a crowd pleasing recipe to bring to your special event.

1. Wedding Shower/Baby Shower

Are you planning a wedding shower for a bride-to-be or a baby shower for a mommy-to-be? Here’s the perfect fashion and food.

Fashion: Celine Maxi Skirt, Denim Top Megan Stretch Belt, Wood You Be Mine Clutch and Linx BraceletTotal $118

Food: Pasta Salad

image 3









2. Couples Neighborhood Progressive Dinner

If your house is slated for the appetizer portion of the meal, tapas is an excellent choice. And your significant other will love you in the Courtney Dress.

Fashion: Courtney Dress & White Rosette Necklace – Total $42

Food: Tapas – Antipasta Kabobs & Shrimp Bruschetta

image 1













3. Memorial Day/4th of July/Labor Day Picnics

Picnics are a staple of spring and summer. A flirty dress and a yummy side dish are the perfect ensemble.

Fashion: Esther Dress - Total $28  

Food: Party Potatoes










Enjoy your fashion and food!